Is your air conditioner summer ready?

Published September 4, 2017

As we edge closer to the start of summer and with the mercury again set to head north of 40 it’s understandable that air-conditioning has become one of our most valuable home assets. Which is why you should take care of it.

Unlike our commitment to an annual car service, we often forget about the maintenance of our air-conditioning units.

Why service your air conditioner?

By making a small upfront investment at the start of the season may see you not only enjoy significant cost savings by ensuring your unit is running at optimum efficiency but also ensure your unit takes you through those days of extreme heat.

Cleaning the filters on your evaporative cooler and reverse cycle a/c is important to ensure your unit is running at its maximum efficiency, decreasing amperage draw and decreasing your electricity bill. If your filters are blocked it restricts air flow over the pad (evaporative cooler) or refrigerated coil (reverse-cycle) and the unit has to work harder to reach ambient temperature. Similar to a blocked radiator in your car.

What’s involved in a service?

NH3 has a team of qualified refrigeration technicians are conducting pre-summer air-conditioning services in the region. A service involves cleaning of filters, checking general condition and operation and leak testing on reverse-cycle units. A small gas leak will often mean that the unit cannot cool (or heat) to its full potential.

Full service takes around one hour.